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By means of its own company group, its professional skill and creativity, Abacus Hotel Zrt. undertakes the mission to actively promote the development of the catering and hospitality industry of Hungary. The main element of this effort is to achieve the satisfaction of private and business clients by providing high-quality, competitive services that adjust flexibly to market demands, placing special emphasis on personal relationships and high quality service.


For the achievement of the aforementioned goals, Abacus Hotel Zrt. wishes to play an initiative role in the market of complex catering and hospitality services, enhancing the role of individual solutions based on knowledge and skill, as well as utilising all those market opportunities that lie in technological development and synergies.

According to our mission, the central thesis of our company philosophy is development and growth: the gradually growing number of the members of the brand. We wish to promote continuous development by market-oriented business policy, high quality services and an ever widening range of offers. Abacus values are determined by devotion, knowledge, professionalism and responsibility for our internal and external stakeholders.

Our company is a member of Talentis Group.