main image wishes to devote itself to the protection of person-related data, personal rights and safe and reliable internet based commerce by the following privacy policy.
Person-related data, supplied by you (name, address, phone number, etc.) and your user data, in accordance with the Data Protection Law we use only for the purposes of contracting, invoicing, and contacting for own sales and marketing. Data will not be forwarded to third party. Forwarding data to third party is only possible after you give your preliminary, definite consent to it.

1. What person-related data do we ask for and how do we process them?
a. Anonymous data
When visiting our websites, you can search freely and anonymously through our generally accessible pages. Your anonymous internet visit will only be used for compiling statistical data, to optimise our internet image, to increase the safety of the system and these recorded data do not contain any person-related data. Domain, IP address, computer configuration and browser type are the only data that are recorded. Also automatically recorded are those web pages that directed you to us, and those pages you visited at us, as well as the time and duration of your visit. It is impossible to trace your person or user profile from these data. You, as a private user, remain completely anonymous. No further record of your browsing will be carried out.
b. Person-related data to be processed
We ask for your person-related data when you place an order or subscribe to our newsletter. These are the only person-related data that we process.

2. What is the purpose for asking person-related data?
We ask for your person-related data in order to make you identifiable, as well as sending you gift sample vitamin and carry out your order. When subscribing to our newsletter, we record your data on our newsletter list.

3. When do we ask for your person-related data?
We record your person-related data when you request an offer or subscribe to our newsletter. This means that until this point we do not record any person-related data, so you can browse through our services completely anonymously.

4. Who has access to person-related data?
Your data become accessible to our colleagues when they carry out work related to your request. Their attention has been drawn to use person-related data only and exceptionally for the right fulfilment of the given task and their binding of secrecy is valid even after finishing this work. Above this, our colleagues are well aware of the regulations regulating data-protection and are compelled to apply them and in case of violating any of these regulations, they are aware of the legal consequences.
Forwarding person-related data to third party is only possible in cases strictly defined by law.

5. What rights do the users have in regard their own person-related data?
We draw your attention to your rights determined by Data Protection Law, with special regard to:
a. Right for obtaining information
In accordance with Data Protection Law you have the right to obtain information concerning your data recorded by us.
b. Right to contradict
In accordance with Data Protection Law you have the right to delete/limit unauthorised data and correct incorrect data. This request does not effect invoicing and accounting data.
c. Correction, deletion, limitation
In accordance with Data Protection Law you have the right to limit the use of your person-related data for marketing, advertising or market research purposes.

6. How do we ensure enforcement of Data Protection Law and other relevant regulations?
Hereby we assure you that we carry out all necessary technical and structural measurement to protect your person-related data in accordance with Data Protection Law.

7. Contact
If you have any questions concerning the data-protection of Abacus Hospitality Services Ltd., please turn to our data-protection manager who, in case you have comments or remarks is happy to be at your disposal.